Twittertrove Of Videos/Photos From Set Of Spielberg’s READY PLAYER ONE (VIDEO/IMAGES)


Welcome to the set of Steven Spielberg‘s Ready Player One.

In a substantial series of tweets from @GreatCharlesSt, @Shelliweb, and @ChrisBevan89 on the London set, we’ve been gifted with a lot more looks at the upcoming dystopian sci-fi thriller about humanity’s obsession with VR and technology in the near future.

Below you’ll find a series of video clips that show Steven Spielberg chatting with actors on-set, brief snippets of a chase scene, and photos of more on-set action including doses of 80s Pop Culture set dressings (Spielberg’s Jaws and Gremlins among them).

To read more about the film itself, as well as to check out previously tweeted set photos and video, click here.

Ready Player One doesn’t open for another 18 months: March 30, 2018.

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