Gag Reflexes Kick In For COLLATERAL BEAUTY Trailer (VIDEO)

A trailer like this starts sending up a whole bunch of red flags for me.

Collateral Beauty seems to be about how Will Smith (or whomever he’s playing) deals with grief in his own unique way, connects with the universe, and is spiritually enlightened by it all. And hopefully we will be too.

Unless, of course, our eyes are worn out by all of the rolls they’re doing.

This looks to be the sort of high concept universal spiritualism that, while well-meaning, lacks any true substantial bite to be authentically life changing. It’s affecting profundity, not actually achieving it, because it’s playing it way too safe, soft, and predictably.

Not to mention it’s the worst kind of inspiring premise: something that will never happen to anyone who actually watches it. It’s great for Will Smith, but good luck for the person in real life grasping for answers to the most mysterious, overwhelming trials.

Granted, I’m making these judgments based solely on a trailer, and certainly there’s a load of all-star talent here to pique interest, but if this is how they’re selling it then I’ll be shocked if the final product is any different.

We’ll find out when Collateral Beauty opens up against (and gets obliterated by) Rogue One on December 16, 2016. In the meantime, I’ll be the guy over here with a stick in the mud.

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