First JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer Already Here (VIDEO)

Well that was fast. And that’s more like it.

Not quite four months after the release of the ill-received Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and just three months after principal photography began on the next installment, Warner Bros. and DC shocked Comic-Con (and the movie world) by debuting its first trailer for Justice League.

And it’s everything fans are hoping for.

Taking note of every gripe levied on Batman V Superman, the third DC movie from director Zack Snyder has clearly lightened up (with the help of oversight from Batman star and now executive producer Ben Affleck). While still carrying the dark, gritty visual aesthetic, the character and story tone is light and comic while keeping itself grounded in an intense attitude. Like the music track that drives it, this is a rock and roll superhero movie.

Justice League debuts in theaters late next year on November 17, 2017.

(The first Wonder Woman trailer also debuted. It can be seen here.)

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