STAR WARS – The Virtual Reality Experience (VIDEO)

Ready to fight some stormtroopers on Tatooine with your lightsaber? Soon you will, with the new Star Wars: Trials On Tatooine VR experience.

While still only in the “experiment” stage, Lucasfilm’s VR unit ILMxLab is deep in development with its first official Star Wars VR platform. Though it’s likely to have a “for sale” home version at some point, the immediate focus is in creating “location-based entertainment”. Customers would have an immersive experience at a specific venue. Put on the glasses, take the VR lightsaber stick, hear the full surround sound, and even feel gusts of wind. Think of it as full-scale theme park style imagineering, but brought to a venue near you.

No timetable to market has been announced.

The video above is a brief preview of Trials On Tatooine. To learn more about ILMxLab, watch this other 3-minute video (below). It has interviews with Star Wars VR creators, and more VR footage of what’s in store.

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