DGA Q&A: Scorsese & Spielberg Talk BRIDGE OF SPIES (VIDEO)

scorsese spielberg
When two legendary filmmakers sit down to talk for an hour, it’s always worthwhile.

This discussion, hosted in New York City by the Directors Guild of America, followed a recent DGA screening for Steven Spielberg‘s Bridge Of Spies. Friend, peer, and fellow icon Martin Scorsese interviews Spielberg about his latest effort, which was recently nominated for 6 Academy Awards including Best Picture.

The bulk of the conversation sticks strictly to the film, and does not expand to broader topics such as their filmographies or cinema history. Instead, the two delve into the minutia of filming Bridge Of Spies, from technical aspects to shooting challenges (it was nice to hear Spielberg vent my own little rant that “digital breath” looks so fake – and how he solved that problem for this movie) to genre considerations, stylistic choices, and thematic focus. Suffice it to say – SPOILERS!

But for a brief 6 minute interlude at @37 minutes, the two do segue into anecdotes, opinions, and memories of each others films, as well as the early days of their friendship and careers. Spielberg recounts a Taxi Driver story @38 minutes, and how Scorsese was able to get the initial X-rating reduced to an R without making a single cut.

And then later at 51:50, Spielberg shares a memory from Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and how his Assistant Director came up with one of the film’s small but most memorable moments. They wrap things up by sharing perspectives on editing, with reflections on The Departed and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

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