Directors Guild Of America Nominees (AWARDS 2015)

The final piece of the pre-Oscar Nomination puzzle is in place as the Directors Guild of America named their five nominees for Best Director of 2015. Four were expected, but one’s a bit of a shocker.

The 2015 DGA nominees are:

The surprise here is Adam McKay for The Big Short, a comedy director whose career has been defined by his Will Ferrell collaborations. The industry has been abuzz over McKay’s satirical take on the 2008 Economic/Housing collapse, and this nomination – which trumps beloved heavyweights like Steven Spielberg, whose Bridge Of Spies is also widely admired – really shows just how much respect McKay has garnered from the Hollywood elite.

The other four nominees were all expected, but as far as Oscar ripple effects go we likely won’t see a direct 1-to-1 matchup with the DGA. The Academy’s directing branch is small and notoriously artsy, and often differs with the DGA by 2 or even more. McKay is still a longshot for an Oscar nomination, and anyone from Spielberg to Carol‘s Todd Haynes could take that slot (and possibly McCarthy’s too, whose Spotlight is shortsightedly seen by many as just an achievement in acting and writing).

Oscar nominations are announced Thursday, January 14th.

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