Richard Gere was portraying a homeless man for a film. Someone posted a photo online. It went viral. Gere responds in the best way.

No, Richard Gere isn’t homeless.

But as a result of the film he made about being homeless (in select theaters now; my review here), it caused somebody to think that he was. The result is exactly what Gere and his fellow filmmakers were hoping for: to start a conversation about our nation’s homeless.

The picture (above) of Gere while filming was posted on Facebook, and it went viral. And now, responding to the millions of likes and shares that it spawned, Gere has announced a live Q&A he’s having about homelessness. It’ll take place tomorrow, Wednesday October 28th. Here’s the announcement and information that Gere has posted:

“Hi, Richard Gere here. I was completely surprised to find that last week someone posted a photo of me on a Facebook fan page as a homeless man on the streets of New York that drew 1.6 million likes and over a half-a-million shares. While the story that accompanied the photograph was somewhat fictional (especially the $100 hand-outs), it seemed to have touched something important in people. I’d like to find out what that is and what we can do together to make something good and meaningful happen for our homeless brothers and sisters. The image was from Time Out of Mind, a film we released this fall, that follows a homeless man in New York City. I’d like you to join me for a conversation on the issue of homelessness and how it impacts your lives. The film’s director Oren Moverman and I will be taking questions live on Wednesday, 10/28 at 11AM ET (10AM CT) on (co-star) Jena Malone’s public page (click here), I hope you’ll join us. We’re excited to see what happens, PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS AND SHARE YOUR STORIES.  Talk to you soon, Richard.”

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