Leaked BATGIRL Footage Teases Chase With Firefly Villain (VIDEO)

Behind the Scenes set video of BATGIRL drops online following the movie’s shocking cancelation by Warner Bros Discovery.

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The leaks have begun. Following the abrupt cancellation by Warner Bros. Discovery to cancel HBO Max’s $90 million Batgirl movie, an extensive 12-minute clip of behind-the-scenes set footage has been posted on Reddit. The bulk of it involves a nighttime Christmas-set fight-chase through the streets of Gotham between Batgirl and the villain Firefly. Stunt performers are primarily seen in both roles, as Brendan Fraser (Firefly) and Leslie Grace (Batgirl) only make brief appearances in the footage, and the latter only at the very end as Barbara Gordon, Batgirl’s real-life identity. A stunt double for Michael Keaton‘s Batman is also briefly seen in grainy footage, but co-star J.K. Simmons does actually appear as Commissioner Gordon in one short sequence. The production quality of the video is professional grade, suggesting that it comes from official access footage that was shot for Making Of promo materials. The video also matches previously leaked set photos. It’s no surprise that crew people who are disgruntled with the decision to shelve the straight-to-streaming movie (all for a tax write-off, so says WB, who says it doesn’t fit the new plans they have for the DC-verse) would go rogue and post production materials online. We’re likely to see more. No doubt a hope remains that the growing viral campaign #ReleaseTheBatgirlMovie will bear fruit and cause WB to reverse their decision and release the movie after all, but that’s unlikely. If it were to happen, though, the release would have to drop no later than the end of 2022. Once 2023 hits, the payback on the tax write-off would make any official for-profit release cost-prohibitive. At that point, a full-feature leak would be fans’ only hope of ever seeing this movie that, when canceled, was fully shot and already deep into post-production.

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