The last sneak peek at THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS teases love and war, with Neo & Trinity at the center. It opens December 22, 2021.

Neo and Trinity.

That’s really what all of this has been about. And the final trailer for The Matrix Resurrections makes that clear.

During a recent rewatch of The Matrix Trilogy, what really stuck out to me was that for all the philosophical layers, Chosen One mythologizing and visionary sci-fi filmmaking, the deepest, richest, and most resonate aspect at the core of the whole saga was the love story between Neo and Trinity.

It went beyond the two having chemistry to having a true, profound soulmate connection. Then, having it set against an epic struggle for humanity gave their love story a star-crossed pathos.

Their soulmate connection was so genuine and moving that it’s not a stretch to say that Neo and Trinity is one of the greatest love stories in the history of the movies. Even if it’s not the first thing people think about when they think of The Matrix, well, it should be.

It’s at the center of the final trailer above — and I am so here for it.

(Oh, and we also get on-screen confirmation that Jonathan Groff is playing the new version of Agent Smith while also getting our first look at the much-older Niobe played by Jada Pinkett Smith.)

Tickets are on sale now for The Matrix Resurrections. It opens on December 22, 2021.

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