FLAG DAY Trailer Casts Sean Penn With Daughter Dylan (VIDEO/IMAGES)

Sean Penn stars for the first time in a film he also directs, alongside daughter Dylan Penn, in FLAG DAY. It opens August 2021.

One of the most acclaimed films to come out of this summer’s Cannes Film Festival was Flag Day.

Inspired by the true story of notorious counterfeiter John Vogel who went on the lam for decades, it stars and is directed by two-time Academy Award-winning actor Sean Penn. It’s his first effort behind the camera in five years and only his third this millennium.

Most notable, however, is that it marks the first time he’s appeared in one of his own films. To make it even more intriguing, it co-stars Dylan Penn, his adult daughter with ex-wife Robin Wright (the resemblance is eerie).

Based on the novel by John Vogel’s daughter Jennifer, it focuses on that father/daughter relationship against the backdrop of John being a wanted criminal.

Particularly interesting is how Sean came to cast himself. Originally, Penn approached Matt Damon to play the lead. Though flattered, Damon told Penn that Sean would be “a stupid schmuck not to take this opportunity” to act with his daughter. Penn took Damon’s advice.

The result (as seen in this initial trailer above) looks powerful. Not only does Sean bring the raw emotion he’s famous for, but his daughter Dylan lives up to the hype that came out of Cannes surrounding her breakthrough performance.

Co-starring Josh Brolin, Eddie Marsan, Katheryn Winnick (TV’s Vikings), Dale Dickey and Sean’s son Hopper Penn, Flag Day opens in select theaters on August 20, 2021.

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