Leaked FLASH Set Photos Offer Batcave Sneak (IMAGES)

The latest photos from the set of THE FLASH confirm that Michael Keaton’s Batmobile is back.

Looks like Batman extended his lease on the Batmobile that we all know.

New leaked photos from the set of The Flash — which sends Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash) into the DCEU multiverse — reveal our first look at Bruce Wayne’s Batcave. The Bruce/Batman in question is none other than the Michael Keaton version, now aged, and his Batmobile is the nostalgic one we’re all familiar with from director Tim Burton‘s two batfilms.

Keaton reprises his role alongside Flash actor Ezra Miller, who stars in the first standalone film for his character since debuting in Justice League. Miller can be seen in another leaked photo (taken of an on-set camera monitor) where Allen is shown seeing Keaton’s Batcave for the first time.

Also teased: a shot of set pieces for the Batcave, strategically placed on a soundstage. (See all new set photos in the gallery below.)

The Flash, directed by Andy Muschietti (the IT movies), is currently in production. It’s scheduled to open in theaters next year on November 4, 2022.

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