New JUNGLE CRUISE Trailer Reveals More Adventure (VIDEO)

Dwayne Johnson stars as Skipper Frank (alongside Emily Blunt) in Disney’s latest theme park movie adaptation JUNGLE CRUISE.

The Rock is what’s cookin’ in the latest look at Disney’s Jungle Cruise.

Inspired by the classic theme park ride (which is paid homage to in the movie), Jungle Cruise is a (mostly) family-friendly Raiders-styled adventure crossed with the bickering banter of Bogart and Hepburn’s The African Queen. 

In this new trailer, Dwayne Johnson‘s cruise captain Skipper Frank is featured, with a full introduction by Johnson himself.

With a bit of Pirates of the Caribbean creepiness mixed in, Jungle Cruise (co-starring Emily Blunt and directed by The Shallows helmer Jaume Collet-Serra) is set to board all four quadrants of the movie going audience when it hits theaters on July 30 2021.

(To see Emily Blunt’s response trailer, click here.)

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