Oscars 2021: 7 International Artists Design Ad Art (GALLERIES) (AWARDS 2020)

AMPAS commissioned renowned artists for this year’s Oscar print media. Here are various galleries that showcase those designs.

If this year’s Oscar branding looks like it’s all over the place, that’s by design.

Rather than going with a singular, sleek marketing motif, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences commissioned 7 different international artists to contribute their own artistic take for this year’s Oscars ceremony.

Each singular in their own styles, the seven artists were inspired by their particular set of influences, issues and muses. Their one commonality: creating poster art that centered around the coveted Oscar statuette.

  • Temi Coker, Nigerian-American
  • Petra Eriksson, Sweden
  • Magnus Voll Mathiassen, Norway
  • Michelle Robinson (a.k.a. Mister Michelle), United States
  • Karan Singh, Australia
  • Victoria Villasana, Mexico
  • Shawna X, Asian-American

To read more about their specific design inspirations, click here for the Academy’s feature.

Below, in seven separate galleries, are the final designs and four different formats for those designs: Poster, Banner, Promo Ad, and Smart Phone Wallpaper.

Then, in an 8th and final gallery, slates for all of this year’s 23 Oscar categories and their nominees, each utilizing one of the 7 commissioned designs.

Click on any gallery for larger images

Interpretation by Temi Coker

Interpretation by Petra Eriksson

Interpretation by Magnus Voll Mathiassen

Interpretation by Mister Michelle (Michelle Robinson)

Interpretation by Karan Singh

Interpretation by Victoria Villasana

Interpretation by Shawna X

Nominees for the 93rd Academy Awards

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