MULAN Disney+ Update: It’s More Than A One-Time Rental (FILM NEWS)

Talk about burying the lead.

According to a source who spoke with CNN media reporter Frank Pallota, Disney failed to mention an extremely significant detail yesterday when they announced that their Disney+ streaming service would be offering the new live-action remake of Mulan exclusively on their streaming platform as a $30 Premium Video on Demand (PVOD) rental.

A Disney spokesperson told Pallota that “the fee provides ongoing access to the film as long as they remain Disney+ subscribers.”

In other words, you’re paying $30 to add Mulan to your Disney+ library, and it will remain there as long as you remain a subscriber without canceling your membership.

Well that’s significant.

That important piece of information instantly changes the Mulan PVOD news from a rental to a default purchase. With endless repeat viewings possible, the offering suddenly becomes much more enticing to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

This will, no doubt, change many of the sentiments I had been seeing yesterday. Anecdotally, I came across many comments by people who wouldn’t be willing to pay $30 for a one-time TV viewing experience. They would simply prefer to wait a bit longer until Mulan became more affordable to access.

This news, however, could easily make them reconsider.

Or to paraphrase one of the original film’s songs: before Disney is through, they’ll make a subscriber out of you.

2 thoughts on “MULAN Disney+ Update: It’s More Than A One-Time Rental (FILM NEWS)

  1. So they’re saying they’ll never add Mulan to their regular lineup? Those who don’t want to pay the extra $30 can’t just wait for the film to become part of the regular Disney+ package? There’s no “window” here the way there is between premium rentals and regular rentals on VOD?

    1. Pallota’s tweet doesn’t clarify, although one would assume that it will become a part of their subscription library at some point (maybe 2021?). The $30 fee now essentially allows a subscriber to have it there immediately. We’ll see how that pays off.

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