Russell Crowe Thriller To Be First New National Release In Theaters (VIDEO/NEWS)

Are you not entertained? Russell Crowe is about to ask (and answer?) that question again when Unhinged opens in movie theaters on July 1, 2020.

Originally slated for a Labor Day weekend release, the indie thriller’s new distributor Solstice Studios saw a way to raise its profile: release the first new movie when many theaters start to open on the first of July (including national chain Cinemark).

It’s a savvy shift for Solstice Studios. The move gives them some notable advantages:

  • Unhinged will be the only new release in theaters for nearly three weeks, enjoying their pick of big screen real estate before Christopher Nolan‘s blockbuster Tenet opens on July 17.
  • If Unhinged had stuck to its original September 4 release, it would’ve had to contend with the highly anticipated sequel A Quiet Place Part II. Now it doesn’t.
  • Given those factors, it just boosted its chances considerably for making a box office impact, going from being a forgettable also-ran to possibly making a significant haul, as well as being a helpful gauge for the entire industry.

That could all change, of course, if events between now and then change as well.

For example, Los Angeles County is currently considering extending their stay-at-home order through at least the end of July. (According to reports, it’s likely.)

If they follow through on that, it’s difficult to imagine any studio releasing a movie without having the LA market as a part of that. Even so, Tenet and other would-be blockbusters are more likely to be delayed as a result of a stay-at-home extension in LA (or California) than are smaller indies like Unhinged.

Written by Disturbia scribe Carl Ellsworth, Unhinged is the story of a woman who becomes endangered following an act of road rage by another driver (Crowe).

If the trailer below is any indication, this looks really stupid.

But if Unhinged makes a lot of money, it may truly be a testament to the degree that people have cabin fever and are ready to watch anything just to have that theatrical experience after such a long drought.

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  1. Um…Russell? You ok man? Blink twice if they’ve got your wife hostage to make you be in a film like this…

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