It’s A Wonderful Afterlife In Pixar’s Latest SOUL Trailer (VIDEO/IMAGES)

Pixar movies have always been sentimental, but this one looks to be the most Capra-esque yet.

In the latest trailer for Soul (which appears to give away much of the plot, or at least the trajectory of the story’s first two-thirds), middle school band teacher and aspiring jazz artist Joe Gardner (voice of Jamie Foxx) is like a joyful George Bailey (sans all the angst) who meets his own Clarence-like angel #22 (voice of Tina Fey) on the other side. Joe discovers that The Great Beyond is actually The Great Before as 22 gives him a tour of how souls are prepped for being born into the earth…and, as this new preview covers, much more.

Be warned: the trailer does serve as its own spoiler (seemingly), so watch at your own discretion.

Regardless, this entry from director Pete Docter (Inside Out) looks to be a very promising one, and possibly a new classic, replete with a wide variety of animation styles.

Co-starring the voices of Phylicia Rashad, Angela Bassett, Ahmir Questlove Thompson, and Daveed Diggs, along with an original original score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross plus new jazz music from Stephen Colbert’s band leader Jon Batiste, Soul comes to life this summer on June 19, 2020.

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