Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of EMMA.’s Lush Locations (VIDEO/IMAGES)

If you’ve seen the new, gorgeous adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma., then you’ll love putting your peepers on this 5-minute behind-the-scenes video from distributor Focus Features.

It’s the latest episode in their “Reel Destinations” series, in which host Alicia Malone — a regular fixture on Turner Classic Movies — takes us through a tour of the lush locations where director Autumn de Wilde brought her sumptuous vision of Emma. to life.

Despite the riches that each of these palatial estates offer in their natural form, it should come as no surprise to hear Lord Gage — the owner of Firle Place (which was the primary abbey for the shoot) — clarify that de Wilde and her design team did a complete makeover of his mansion in order to have it fit her very precise aesthetic.

To paraphrase Austen’s text, it is such a happiness when good artists get together.

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