Adam Sandler & The Safdie Brothers Drop New Short Film Online (VIDEO)

The Safdie Brothers have cut another gem with Adam Sandler.

Released on the heels of their critically-acclaimed collaboration Uncut Gems, NYC writer/director siblings Josh and Benny Safdie have dropped a bonus short film online that they made with Uncut star Adam Sandler. It has nothing to do with that intense feature-length drama they made about a New York jeweler living on the edge and putting himself in grave danger.

Goldman v Silverman is a completely original story starring Sandler and Benny Safdie as street performers in Times Square. Safdie’s silver-clad sparkling solo act tries to hone in on the territory that Sandler’s glittering gold artist has already staked out. In true Safdie fashion, things get heated and tensions escalate, but all with an undercurrent of dry humor.

Assuming most that of the bystanders (if not all of them) aren’t in on the act, it’s likely they can’t even tell they’re watching Adam Sandler as he and Safdie get after each other, he’s that well disguised.

Goldman v Silverman is more of a situational dramatic sketch than a narrative with a full dramatic arc — sort of like an avant-garde entry of an SNL Digital Short — but no matter how you define it, it’s pretty cool.

You can watch the entire 6 1/2 minute short by clicking on the above link. (Content Warning: Strong Language)

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