DOWNTON ABBEY Recap: Six Seasons In Ten Minutes (VIDEO)

So, you can’t wait to see the new Downton Abbey movie BUUUUT you were never able to schedule that 6-season marathon rewatch you promised yourself or were even able have another go at the series finale. Or, God forbid, you’ve never even seen a single solitary episode in your life?!

Well, no matter.

Focus Features has crammed the entire series into ten minutes in this video recap, highlighting the most important need-to-know facts before watching Downton Abbey on the big screen.

Plus, with dry, witty, cheeky commentary from hosts Phyllis Logan and Jim Carter (a.k.a. Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson), this is an entertaining look back even if you’re a Downton Abbey diehard with wiki-like recall.

Downton Abbey is in theaters now. To read my review, click here.

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