Tom Hanks Is Mr. Rogers In First A BEAUTIFUL DAY Trailer (VIDEO/IMAGES)

“Please don’t ruin my childhood.”

That knowing bit of meta-dialogue is spoken by the wife of a reporter who’s about to embark on an in-depth profile of Fred Rogers, the beloved PBS host of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, one of the longest running children’s series of all time.

The wife, of course, is speaking for all of us to director Marielle Heller about her upcoming film A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhooda dramatization of the real-life relationship that formed between the reporter and Rogers.

By the mood and tone of this first trailer, Heller (director of last year’s 3-time Oscar nominated drama Can You Ever Forgive Me?) is letting us know that she’s already predicted that plea and taken it to heart. Indeed, she appears to have made a film that resolutely affirms the virtues of love and self-worth that Rogers instilled into all of our childhoods, and the man who embodied them.

Tom Hanks stars as Rogers, who strikes a nice balance here between affecting the temperament of Rogers without turning it into caricature, and Matthew Rhys (FX’s The Americans) co-stars as the jaded journalist Lloyd Vogel, who is feeling personally broken (Vogel a fictionalized version of the real news writer Tom Junod).

Academy Award-winner Chris CooperEnrico Colatoni, and Susan Kelechi Watson co-star.

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood opens this Thanksgiving on November 22, 2019.

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