New Box Office Records For AVENGERS: ENDGAME Set In First Week (NEWS)


To paraphrase Doctor Strange, we’re in the second weekend now.

After Avengers: Endgame obliterated opening weekend box office records both domestically and globally (read the long list here), it continued its Thanos-like carnage of marks heretofore set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens back in 2015.

Having raked in $357 million domestically in its first three days (and $1.2 billion worldwide) – which was twice as fast as when The Force Awakens reached it in six days – Endgame went on to set these new domestic records over the past week:

By the end of Thursday – a.k.a. seven days, the end of the blockbuster’s first full week – Endgame sat just shy of $474 million in North America. Now with Friday’s numbers in, the Avengers finale has passed $500 million in 8 days, topping the Force Awakens benchmark of 10 days.

The Friday tally for Endgame came in at $40.6 million. That’s nearly $9 million less than the $49 million second Friday for The Force Awakens. With that as the possible pace setter, Endgame could drop by as much as 72% in its second weekend. That would still land it at over $100 million for those three days but it would keep the film short for the second weekend record of $149 million that The Force Awakens holds.

Even so, that would put Endgame at around $575 million after 10 days, meaning it would pass The Force Awakens 10 day mark of $540 million.

For now and the foreseeable near-future. The Force Awakens will sit atop the North America box office list with a gargantuan $936.6 million. The next closest is Avatar at $760.5 million.

But with little competition in sight until Aladdin (also Disney owned) on Memorial Day weekend, the endgame for this box office behemoth is far from over.

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