EPISODE IX Panel Streams Live At Noon EST From Star Wars Celebration (NEWS)


You can read my reaction to the panel here.

Sabers up, Padawans. The Jedi Council is about to speak.

Well, the real world equivalent of it. Today, Friday April 12, from the Star Wars Celebration convention in Chicago, the official Star Wars: Episode IX panel will stream live. It starts at 11 AM Central time, 12 Noon Eastern. You can find it at starwars.com, on the Star Wars Twitter page, or on the Star Wars YouTube Channel.

If you don’t catch it live, no doubt the whole event — which will likely include the film’s title reveal, and possibly a teaser as well — will be posted for posterity soon after. (UPDATE: You can watch it here.)

But if this image is right, the title has already been leaked. Star Wars: Will of the Force. We’ll know soon enough if it’s legit. (UPDATE: It’s not. The real one is soooooo much better.)


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