Films of 2018 (Part 2): Nick Flora & I Complete Top 10s On The ALL TIME FAVORITE Podcast (PODCAST)


It started with a comeback. Now it ends with a reveal.

Here’s Part 2 of my return to Nick Flora‘s All Time Favorite podcast, where we have fun talking about our picks for the Best / Favorite Films of 2018.

In this conclusion, we complete our Top 10 lists, counting up from 5 to 1. (To hear Part 1 with picks 10 to 6, click here.)

50: Films Of 2018 with Jeff Huston (Part Two)

Nick is joined once again by film critic Jeff Huston to break down the top half of their list of best films of the past year! Listen to Jeff Huston’s podcast The Bad And The Beautiful on iTunes:

You can also find it through iTunes. Just look for Episode 50 “Films Of 2018 with Jeff Huston (Part Two)” on the iTunes link for the “All Time Favorite” Podcast.

Or you can stream Part Two here: Favorite Films Of 2018 with Jeff Huston (Part Two)

A singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN by trade (yes, he makes an actual living with his music!) and podcaster by night (he’s a burdened podcasting vigilante, if you want to know the truth), Nick is a Pop Culture Guru with a serious Film Nerd streak. He also hosts a new YouTube series Joke Joke Serious with his bestie Suzanne Bradenburg Gale, on their Sick Nuz YouTube channel.

So click, stream, or download, and have fun with us — both in this episode and the last (again, click here).

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