New MARY POPPINS RETURNS Ad Finally Has Some Proper Nannying (VIDEO)

Now this is the Mary Poppins that Mary Poppins fans have been waiting for.

Amidst all the magic, adventure, and wonder — which is what previous trailers for Mary Poppins Returns have focused on — what has endeared the magical nanny to millions of fans (girls especially) for over five decades is her proper “spit spot” nannying. Now, in this new 60-second TV ad, that’s exactly what we get.

Yes, it sells us on the spectacle, too, but lest you feared that the charm of Mary’s rigorous formality was lost, the tease of this commercial confirms that it’s not.

It also confirms that the release date has been moved up a whole week. Originally slated for release on Christmas Day 2018, Mary Poppins Returns will now open nationwide on Wednesday December 19.


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