Film Fan’s Greatest Fear Nailed In SNL Sketch (VIDEO)

You can run, but you can’t hide. They will come for you. There is no escape.

This past week on Saturday Night Live, with host Seth Meyers, their one Halloween-themed sketch ended up being a digital short that skewered the very kind of film snob that’s a nightmare for everyone.

The sketch’s target is very specific (and dead on), but there are strains of this horror across the cinephilic plain (Film Twitter especially), from *that* kind of film critic to cult classic geek and more. This piece has such a great build to it as well,  especially in how it perfectly fuses its take-down into a classic horror formula.

Incidentally, the kind of Hollywood movie this “villain” laments is exactly the kind he’d end up making if ever given the chance (claiming, no doubt, that he was doing something different that no one has tried before.)

“It Follows”, indeed…


2 thoughts on “Film Fan’s Greatest Fear Nailed In SNL Sketch (VIDEO)

  1. This sketch is so accurate(I WAS that ivory tower film snob straight out of college; only difference, I was 23 when I graduated), it’s frightening! The scariest stories are real indeed.

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