More JOKER Revealed In Leaked Set Footage (VIDEOS)

Most big budget movies — ones based on comic books especially — are notoriously secretive, clamping down on leaked footage or images so as to carefully control the marketing roll out and public perception.

But like their movie’s title character, the producers of Joker seem to be taking an opposite, downright anarchistic approach. Set photos and clips have been popping up online with surprising regularity (like here, here, and here), mostly raw from cell phones rather than polished in Photoshop.

This loose posture by the studio is unconventional but, it would seem, very intentional – and I think it’s working. Rather than serving as spoilers, they whet the appetite for more (which is exactly what brilliant marketing does).

Case in point: the two latest videos from the Joker set, posted on YouTube by Hollywood Pipeline. They’re very similar to the type of clips we’ve seen so far, with Joaquin Phoenix‘s fully-costumed Joker subversively sparking chaos in an urban subway setting.

What’s great about them, and about each new “leak”, is that they boost confidence in this different, darker, seemingly stripped-down take on a familiar icon, one that had many people wary at first blush.

Joker – which co-stars Robert De Niro and is co-produced by Martin Scorsese – opens next year on October 4, 2019.


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