Joaquin Phoenix JOKER Stirs Chaos On Subway In Leaked Set Clip (VIDEO)


This Joker isn’t dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight; he’s doing it on the public transit a Gotham subway.

In this leaked video clip from the set of Joker posted by TMZ (click here), Joaquin Phoenix saunters off a subway after having pulled some sinister prank, leaving chaos and violence in his wake.

We also get our first full look of his costume. It’s a clear homage to Caesar Romero‘s Joker costume on the campy Batman 1960s TV series, although here it would appear to be done with an ironic, subversive intent.

The clip comes days after director Todd Phillips revealed the look of this Joker through an Instagram post of the makeup screen test.

To see three close-up screen grabs from this new clip of Phoenix as the Joker, click here.

Co-starring Zazie BeetsMarc MaronBill CampShea Whigham, and Brett CullenJoker opens next year on October 6, 2019.

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