30-Minute FALLOUT B-Roll Reel Shows Tom Cruise Doing All The Stunts (VIDEO)

For the record, when you see Ethan Hunt doing the things he does, Tom Cruise is actually doing the things he does.

No green screen. No trick shots. No stunt doubles with Cruise’s face digitally applied in post. With little more than safety chords and sheer guts, this half-hour reel of behind-the-sceens b-roll clips from Mission: Impossible – Fallout show just how committed Tom Cruise is to your maximum entertainment pleasure.

Certainly much more than the glorified video games of Marvel’s digital landscapes and animated stunts that pull nearly every visual cheat in the book.

Of course, it takes a movie-making village to make all of this happen, so when you’re seeing Cruise speed-cycling through the streets of Paris or skydiving from 10,000 feet, it means you have a cameraperson doing it right alongside.

So skim through or watch the whole thing. The illusion of movie magic won’t be shattered, it’ll only be heightened.

2 thoughts on “30-Minute FALLOUT B-Roll Reel Shows Tom Cruise Doing All The Stunts (VIDEO)

  1. Wow! Making action movies is an overlooked/under appreciated art. This video shows why.

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