SOLO Character Posters: Take 2 (IMAGES)


That’s what you get for smuggling.

When Lucasfilm premiered the first teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story during the Super Bowl, they quickly followed that up with the movie’s first character posters. Then, a few days later, their artist got busted for duplicating the exact same style seen on album covers designed in 2015 by Hachim Bahous.

In familiar Han Solo controversy parlance, Bahous shot first.

Now, Lucasfilm has corrected the embarrassing blunder: they’ve issued a new (and expanded) set of character one sheets. You can see them all in the gallery below, along with two new foreign movie posters (for the U.K. and Japan).

We’re just about a month away from Solo finally lightspeeding into theaters, a deadline that many doubted this troubled production could actually meet. But replacement director Ron Howard officially confirmed on Twitter that, yes indeed, pre-production is wrapped and the movie is ready to go.

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens on May 25, 2018.

Click on any poster for a larger image gallery.

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