I’m excited to announce a new podcasting venture that I’ll be co-hosting and co-producing with Charles E. Elmore. It’s called “The Bad and the Beautiful”, and it’s about to debut.

A fellow member of the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle, Charles has also produced the Tulsa-based film podcast Videodrone Tulsa and curated its website.

Now, as we continue to produce our own individual online film pages, we’ll also collaborate on a bi-monthly podcast (a.k.a. every other week) in which we’ll review the latest movies in theaters, online, and the occasional classic. We’ll also have conversations about topical film issues, from the latest industry buzz and trends to Oscar talk and more. We’ll also have regular guests.

The title of the podcast is inspired by the Academy Award winning film from 1952 of the same name. A movie about moviemaking, it focused more on the “bad” than the “beautiful” of Hollywood, but we’ll discuss both in equal measure. Or, at least, we’ll call them as we see them: bad, beautiful, or somewhere in-between.

We just finished recording our first episode, with special guest Adam Chitwood, the deputy editor and awards season guru at We discuss Marvel’s Black Panther and Netflix’s The Cloverfield Paradox. Adam also offers a report from his recent trip to the Sundance Film Festival, and we wrap things up with a look at the current state of the Oscar race.

Look for the first episode of “The Bad and the Beautiful” podcast right here on the I Can’t Unsee That Movie website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed very soon.

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