WINGFEATHER SAGA: Sneak Peak Of New Animated Adventure (VIDEO/IMAGES)

The Lord of the Rings meets The Princess Bride. That’s the pitch for the new animated adventure The Wingfeather Saga.

Based on the best-selling fantasy novels by  author and singer-songwriter Andrew Peterson, it follows the quests of a boy, his two younger siblings, and the map that could lead to treasure.

The trailer above previews the longer 15-minute short that’s available to watch now at outlets like Amazon Prime, YouTube, and more.

The Wingfeather Saga 
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Still in the development stages, the 15-minute short is a pilot prototype, but the style and vision is impressive for a treatment produced on a limited Kickstarter budget.

Directed by Tom Owens (Head of Story – How to Train Your Dragon 2), producer J. Chris Wall (VeggieTales) says of the project’s aesthetic approach, “We thought it would be really cool to create something visually that felt handcrafted and with a unique blend of CGI and traditional 2D. Something that felt closer to a moving painting or stop-motion.”

Below you’ll also see a gallery of Wingfeather production stills.

Other creative contributors include Director of CGI Keith Lango (Portal – Valve Corp) and Production Designer Nicholas Kole (Hasbro, Disney).

Produced by Magnetic Dreams in Nashville, TN, The Wingfeather Saga is being developed as a feature film, with further plans to launch as a multi-season mini-series.

If you enjoy what you see and what to help the project gain momentum, just Watch It, Like It and Share It. You can also learn more about at the official website.

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