From Outcast To Christ-Follower In First Trailer For MARY MAGDALENE (VIDEO)

If ever there were a time to tell the story of Mary Magdalene, it may be for such a time as this.

Emerging from our culture’s watershed #MeToo moment, of no longer enabling sexual predators but rather believing their victims, comes a feature film about the troubled woman who would become a devout, faithful companion of Jesus Christ.

From the director of the Oscar-nominated LionMary Magdalene focuses on the titular outcast (played by Rooney Mara), a Biblical figure who has, over time, been wrongly maligned as a one-time prostitute or slut. The Bible never defines her as either. In that sense alone, her reputation has been assaulted and abused.

What the Bible does describe, however, in both the book of Mark and Luke, is that Jesus cast seven demons out of her. This first trailer of this upcoming Easter release would seem to suggest that it will soft-peddle that account as a Salem Witch style superstition.

How many other liberties this dramatization will take with the Biblical text (or not) remains to be seen, but this first trailer does, at the very least, look like a serious, sincere work that’s worth considering.

Co-starring Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus (another reason to be intrigued), Mary Magdalene opens on March 30, 2018.

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  1. “The Nativity” is my favorite bible based film. It depicts people who actually look and dress like jews of that era. Great story and cinematography. This looks to be on the same scale with high production quality. Also, it is poor production quality that keeps me away from 95% of Christian films.

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