Ron Howard Posts Photo Tweet Storm From HAN SOLO Set (IMAGES)


The new director for the untitled Young Han Solo Movie is bringing back as much balance to fans on social media as he is to the set of the troubled film shoot.

Through both his Twitter and Instagram accounts, director Ron Howard has been regularly posting images from the set of the latest Star Wars Anthology movie ever since it resumed production with Howard at the helm. He took over for the fired directing duo of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

His first image was barely a tease, but posts made since have offered interesting (if still cryptic) references, perhaps even inconsequential. Regardless what they reveal, or don’t, the fact that Howard and Lucasfilm have embraced this social media outlet to the fan base would suggest that Howard is savvy enough to understand he should take the calming presence he’s brought to a set in turmoil and extend that to the anxious fans as well. It’s a transparent confidence that says, “Hey everybody, don’t worry. We’re good. We’re having fun. We’ve got this.”

Below are posts Howard has made since taking over at the end of June. The possible Lando costumes are pretty sweet (though not officially confirmed as his), but the question I want answered most is from that picture of Chewie watching the monitor at video village: who are the characters in the sad embrace on the screen-right monitor?!

The untitled Young Han Solo Movie is still scheduled to open on May 25, 2018.

Chewie at Video Village

Lando in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.

No Title

No Description

Lando in Hyperspace

Lando Wardrobe?

More Lando Wardrobe?
(And no, this isn’t the Lando movie, it *is* the Han Solo movie.)

No Title

No Description

Muddy Work Boots

No Title

No Description

First Day

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