Brief Sabbatical For Movie Reviews; Movie News To Continue (UPDATE)


Just wanted to provide a brief notice as to why you won’t see new Movie Reviews for a couple of weeks at I Cant Unsee That Movie.

Due to scheduling challenges, I won’t be able to screen and write new movie reviews for the next two weeks or so, probably through the end of July. My hope is to return to my regular schedule by the first of August.

Along with picking back up with the latest releases, I also plan to write belated catch-up reviews for titles like Dunkirk, Valerian, War For The Planet of the Apes, The Big Sick, and more.

I will be posting a review of A Ghost Story soon, the experimental low budget Casey Affleck indie that’s been a festival favorite. I’ve already submitted that review to The Tulsa Voice.

Beyond that, I will continue to make posts for movie related news (trailers, images, reports) to the extent my schedule allows.

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