The Forced Template Is Strong With FORCE AWAKENS / LAST JEDI Teaser Comparisons (VIDEO)

Lucasfilm has their fiction down to a science – or, at least, their marketing. This side-by-side comparison spliced together by The Playlist is impressively (or eerily) exact. I don’t know whether to be pumped or worried. For now, I’ll choose the former. Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens December 15, 2017.

UPDATE: The teaser for The Force Awakens as shown here never appeared in this editorial form or shot order. It has been cut together to specifically mirror the teaser of The Last Jedi in order to emphasize the recurring visual motifs of the trilogy. It’s an overarching creative approach – indeed, an autueristic one – that I fully support, as I discussed previously when I addressed some of the Force Awakens haters.


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