Nicole Kidman Is QUEEN OF THE DESERT In New Trailer (VIDEO)

Nicole Of Arabia? That’s the epic vibe here in the trailer for Queen Of The Desert, starring Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman. It’s the true life story of Gertrude Bell, an early 20th Century iconoclast who, among her many varied interests and talents, was a British spy.

T.E. Lawrence himself shows up in the form of Robert Pattinson, but perhaps the big surprise here is the film’s director: German auteur legend Werner Herzog. Largely known for idiosyncratic films, both dramatized and documentary, a period piece that looks like Oscar bait isn’t what we’d normally associated with him. However, when one also considers that a common theme in Herzog’s work is humanity’s struggle against nature, it quickly becomes obvious what must’ve attracted him to this, particularly with such a strong central figure.

Originally intended for a wide release in fall of 2015 before issues with its American distributor arose, IFC Films has finally rescued Queen Of The Desert (which has already played internationally) for a North America release on April 14, 2017 simultaneously in theaters and on VOD.

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