“Brutally Honest Oscar Ballots” Unleash Hot Takes From Anonymous Voters (AWARDS 2016)


So, tell us what you really think.

Six anonymous Academy voters do just that, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual Awards Season tradition “Brutally Honest Oscar Ballots”.

This year’s crop of mystery Academy members includes an unnamed Actress, Producer, Publicist, Executive, Actor, and Director, all who’ve either been nominated before or have been a part of nominated movies (but aren’t involved with any nominees this year).

And they don’t mince words.

These are fun reads and intriguing looks into how members often think and rationalize, but if you’re looking for help with your Oscar ballot you’d best look elsewhere. The opinions here are all over the map, and contradict each other. That makes them great reads but poor tea leaves.

To read each of the ballot commentaries, click on the links below.

Brutally Honest Ballot #1
– Meryl Streep “Like a Clown,” ‘La La Land’ “Not Memorable,” ‘Arrival’ “Just Sucked”

Brutally Honest Ballot #2
– ‘La La Land’ “Felt a Little Light,” Barry Jenkins “Is Really a Poet”

Brutally Honest Ballot #3
– Denzel Washington “Talks Too Much,” ‘La La Land’ “Transported Me”

Brutally Honest Ballot #4
– ‘Moonlight’ “Everything I Think An Oscar Picture Should Be,” ‘La La Land’ “A Piece of Sh–”

Brutally Honest Ballot #5
– “Loved Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Together,” “Gimme a Break” About ‘Arrival’ (this voter abstained in 6 of the 24 categories, or 1/4 of them, and spoils the ending to Lion in the Best Picture comments)

Brutally Honest Ballot #6
– “Fell In Love With” Taraji P. Henson, “Turned Off” ’20th Century Women’ (this voter abstained in 8 of the 24 categories, or a full 1/3 of the ballot)

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