Films of 2016 (Part 2): Nick Flora & I Reveal Our Top 5 Picks On The ALL TIME FAVORITE Podcast (PODCAST)


The countdown concludes.

My annual two-part guest stint with Nick Flora, now on his All Time Favorite podcast (see links below), concludes with our Top 5 choices for the Best Movies of 2016.

You can download “The Films Of 2016 with guest Jeff Huston (Part Two)” on iTunes or stream it here.

To start with Part 1, where we discuss picks 6 – 10 on our lists, click here.

A singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN by trade (yes, he makes an actual living with his music!) and podcaster by night (or, well, when he and co-host Allie Farris can make their schedules work), Nick is a Pop Culture Guru with a serious Film Nerd streak.

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