Trailer For THE CIRCLE Reveals Tech Cult Led By Tom Hanks (VIDEO)


Technology will brainwash you…especially when it’s pitched as your gateway to self-empowerment by Tom Hanks.

In this first full trailer (above), which follows an intriguing teaser from last December (below), The Circle gives us a peak into eerily seductive social media world.

The film is based on the best-selling novel by famed author Dave Eggers, and directed by indie auteur James Ponsoldt; his films The Spectacular Now and The End of the Tour earned big raves, very deservedly, as did his devastating low-budget addiction drama Smashed co-starring Aaron Paul and 10 Cloverfield Lane‘s Mary Elizabeth Winstead. (Seriously, if you haven’t seen any of those films, rectify that soon.)

Now, Ponsoldt tackles his biggest film yet, one that tracks a young new employee (Emma Watson) as she gets sucked into the mysterious hypnotic vortex of a tech giant, led by a charismatic (but possibly sinister) Steve Jobs-like Pied Piper guru.

Both trailers have me particularly excited for Tom Hanks‘ performance. Not only is it an against-type role for this iconic Everyman, but he plays it so subtly and convincingly, with no shades of obvious giveaways about what his real, darker motives may be. It looks believably deceptive.


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