Indiana Jones Animated – Coming This September! (IMAGES/LINK)


Can this be for real? Yes it can. And sort of not. But yes.

At the end of September, a brand new Indiana Jones animated adventure will make its debut…but it’s not Lucasfilm official. And it’s not feature length or even a standard episode. It’ll barely be a short.

But if these images are any indication, it’s going to be amazingly cool and have fans wanting a whole heckuva lot more.

Here’s the deal. According to a report from Australia’s Film Ink web site, Lucasfilm commissioned artist Patrick Schoenmaker to create a print of a cartoon-looking Indiana Jones as part of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull marketing push. Apparently Schoenmaker became so obsessed with the possibilities that he began to develop his own animated Indy fan film.

On September 29, 2016, it’ll debut on Schoenmaker’s website.


As far as what it’ll be, exactly, here’s the expectation Schoenmaker himself sets: “Think (of it) more like something along the lines of a fully animated proof of concept.”

In essence, this will be nothing more than a spectacular calling card, but one that’s (hopefully) so well done that Lucasfilm will start becoming as obsessed with the possibilities as Schoenmaker has. Clearly there’s some fortune and glory to be had with a series like this. Fortune and glory.

Below is a gallery of just a few of the drawings Schoenmaker’s already done (click on any picture to view the larger gallery). To see the entire collection, including fantastic character designs, click here.

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