JUSTICE LEAGUE “Tactical Batsuit” Looks Familiar (IMAGES)


For as great a stylist as director Zack Snyder can be, he’s occasionally been tagged with pejorative of being derivative. Now, it seems, he’s coping himself.

Snyder tweeted out the first-look image of Batman in his “Tactical Batsuit”, which will make its debut in the upcoming DC film Justice League. For anyone familiar with Snyder’s adaptation of The Watchmen graphic novel, Batman’s new gear will be instantly recognizable. With its head-fins and dark goggles, the Tactical Batsuit appears to be the Night Owl costume with a few Bat-tweaks, including armored plating.


IGN reports that, in contrast to the normal Batsuit, the Tactical version has “extra enhancements on the right arm” and that it will also “reportedly work in some way with Bat-vehicles.”

Justice League will debut in theaters next fall, on November 17, 2017, but you can bet this will be shown off whenever the next trailer is released.


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