Incendiary Poster For Slave Revolt Epic BIRTH OF A NATION Will Have People Talking (IMAGE)


I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more provocative movie poster than this, especially given the cultural climate it’s being thrown into.

The Birth Of A Nation, the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury winner about the true story of an early 19th Century slave uprising in America, just dropped its first one-sheet movie poster – and it will definitely have people talking.

The disturbing image – of the film’s lead character Nat Turner (the African-American minister who leads the revolt) being roped up in an American Flag noose – will no doubt be polarizing. Like gas on a flame, it resonates in rather raw fashion given the tragic racially-tinged police shootings and their wake that have divided our nation.

For a film with no major stars attached, I can’t imagine a more powerful image to raise awareness for it. Regardless of how one personally feels about the poster (or if it should even be on display in movie theaters), one thing’s for certain: whoever thought of it is a marketing genius.

The Birth of a Nation opens on October 7, 2016. (You can watch it’s first official trailer here.)

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