Final STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer, With Spoiler – And Rihanna (Mutually Exclusive) (VIDEO)

Step aside, Beastie Boys. You’ve just been sabotaged by Rihanna.

The third and final trailer for the upcoming Star Trek Beyond features a new single by the R&B queen. Called “Sledgehammer”, what initially seems like nothing more than a crass marketing tool (well, okay, it’s still a crass marketing tool) actually becomes emotionally effective, even powerful, in the trailer’s second half.

It should be noted, however, that a certain reveal could be considered a major spoiler, even though it’s been suggested in earlier previews. Its prominence here makes me also suspect that it’ll be a plot point that’s dispensed of early on in the actual movie, perhaps even the opening scene. Nevertheless, you’ve been appropriately warned.

Also interesting: at under two minutes, this final trailer works more like an early teaser, as it focuses specifically on Kirk as a character and the arc he’ll undergo.

Star Trek Beyond warp speeds into theaters on July 22, 2016.

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