Trailer For R-Rated BATMAN V SUPERMAN 3-Hour Cut; All New Footage (VIDEO)

Many people, even haters, will watch this new trailer and think, “Now why didn’t they show us that movie?”

Sure, trailers can be extremely deceptive, and for as intriguing as this one for the 3-hour R-Rated Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is – composed almost entirely of never-before-seen footage (including a clip of the Jena Malone character that had been completely cut) – it could just as easily be as derided as the 2 1/2 hour theatrical release.

But darned if it isn’t enough to make a lot people consider giving it one more shot.

We’ll see how effective it is when the 3-hour cut hits blu-ray on July 19th (sorry, no theatrical re-issue folks), and even when it’s made available as an early digital download on June 28.

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