First Teaser For Live Action BEAUTY & THE BEAST Debuts (VIDEO)


There’s certainly more – a lot more – to this not-so-provincial movie than its first teaser lets on.

For Disney-diehards, this first look (see below) at the live action adaptation of the animated Beauty and the Beast musical certainly cranks up the “tease” factor to its highest level, doing the exact job it’s supposed to: making everyone who sees it want to see more, right now! (It’s telling, too, that the film’s title never appears in this teaser, nor does it need to. That’s the power of the Disney brand, and of this beloved musical especially.)

I have to confess, I always get a little deflated when I see how much a movie’s locations and sets are computer-generated (rather than relying on actual full sets and locations as much as possible), but it’ll remain a small quibble so long as they do as much justice to this adaptation as they did to, say, the recent Cinderella (which set a much higher bar than I was expecting). As long as the emotions and passions feel real, the quasi-artificial setting is more easily forgivable. And from a design perspective, being a perfect realization of what we all expect those sets to be also helps.

And that last shot? Gave me chills.

Beauty and the Beast – which stars Emma Watson as Belle, who leads an all-star cast – opens next spring, on March 17, 2017.

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