Sorry Kids, But Tom Hardy Is NOT Playing Boba Fett


Somebody from The Dark Side has been trolling Star Wars geeks this week.

The rumor mill was in full operation as fanboy sites published rumors that actor Tom Hardy was about to sign on to play the beloved antihero Boba Fett in an upcoming stand alone Star Wars anthology movie – and possibly make his first appearance as the rogue bounty hunter in Episode VIII.

But it’s just a cameo.

Dreams of the brooding Mad Max: Fury Road star donning the famous Fett suit were dashed when it was confirmed that Hardy was merely filming a brief Daniel Craig level bit-part for the upcoming installment of the Star Wars saga. (For those who didn’t know, James Bond actor Craig played a Storm Trooper in The Force Awakens who had his mind messed with by Rey in a bit of comic relief.)

In similar fashion (a.k.a for comic relief), Hardy shot one scene with actor John Boyega, who returns in the role of Finn. For the scene, Hardy plays a First Order Storm Trooper who recognizes Finn (a former trooper himself) when the two cross paths. For spoiler-level details of how the entire scene unfolds, you can read the report here at the fan site Making Star Wars.

So does this mean Hardy will never play Boba Fett? Not necessarily. Anything can happen. It’s just not happening yet, and the rumor of it is likely just a “telephone game” type of ripple effect from his brief appearance on the set of Episode VIII.

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