Team Marvel vs Team DC. Who’s side are you on? The box office answer is clear.

Just a little over a month since DC launched their Universe with Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Marvel followed up with its own much-hyped Heroes v Heroes showdown, Captain America: Civil War. The latest Marvel entry outpaced BvS, as expected, raking in $181.7 million over three days compared to Batman V Superman‘s $166 million. But how they each tracked day-to-day is particularly revealing.

Despite the palpable anticipation for this default third Avengers movie, its first day at the box office actually couldn’t match that of the Batman and Superman battle. In a Friday-to-Friday opening day comparison, the $75 million hauled in by Captain America: Civil War fell $6 million short of BvS‘s $81 million. Unfortunately for DC, word of mouth on BvS saw its Saturday and Sunday numbers drop significantly. But for Marvel, positive buzz (and reviews – mine excluded) helped CA: Civil War stay on pace with its pre-release projections, as it became the 5th biggest North American opener ever.

In short, people were more hyped for but, ultimately, less satisfied with Batman V Superman.

Captain America: Civil War will likely dominate May, as it and Disney-sibling The Jungle Book (still playing strong in its fourth weekend, finishing second with $21.8 million to bring its total to $285 million) will largely have the month to themselves. The next few weeks will see a handful of mid-level range summer entries, but CA: Civil War won’t see any serious tentpole competition until fellow Marvel franchise X-Men (spearheaded by 20th Century Fox, who still retains rights to that property) launches over Memorial Day weekend with X-Men: Apocalypse.

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