Awards Chatter: The Best Interviews Of The Oscar Season (PODCAST)

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If you’re tired of all the horse race prognosticating, exhausted by the controversies (#OscarSoWhite, et al), couldn’t care less about who’s wearing what on the red carpet – and all you really want is to just hear the actors and filmmakers talk about their movies, their craft, and their careers – then Awards Chatter by The Hollywood Reporter should be in your podcast rotation, especially in this final stretch of the Oscar season.

Hosted by THR film writer Scott Feinberg, each hour-long episode (on average) is a one-on-one in-depth discussion with the most talked about filmmakers of the awards season. With an archive dating back to last September, the conversations (which occasionally include multiple guests, like the debut episode with three of the Steve Jobs collaborators) provide exactly the kind of insight true cinephiles are looking for.

So whether it’s artists that actually became 2015 Oscar nominees (like Steven Spielberg, Best Actress front-runner Brie Larson of Room, and Spotlight‘s writer/director Tom McCarthy) or others whose performances and films were a part of the conversation (The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams, Creed star Michael B. Jordan, and many more), Awards Chatter is an intellectually satisfying podcast series for real movie lovers.

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