Tuesday Falls, THE FORCE AWAKENS Fastest to $300 Million

Another record for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has seen the end of the previous Tuesday high, but The Force will have to be monumentally strong with this one if it’ll see the end of Wednesday and Twilight: Eclipse’s $68.5 million. Still, another major record has already been obliterated.

On Tuesday, The Force Awakens took in another $37.3 million (breaking the previous $35 million Tuesday record by The Amazing Spider-Man) to bring its unrelenting North American haul to $325 million in just 5 days. In doing so, The Force Awakens becomes the fastest film to pass the $300 million mark, beating Jurassic World‘s previous pace of 8 days.

Oh, and Episode VII‘s about to pass $700 million globally too. To give that some perspective, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 – also considered a gargantuan global box office monster – just passed the $600 million mark, and it opened a month ago. 5 days verses 30 days, and The Force Awakens has already passed THGMP2 by $100 million.

It also has the upcoming Christmas weekend already secured. The only question now is by how much it will beat Jurassic World‘s $106.5 million record for the best second weekend. Analysts are predicting the new benchmark will be anywhere from $140 to $180 million.

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