AFI Awards First To Cite STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Among Year’s Best (AWARDS 2015)

The first awards group that waited to screen Star Wars: The Force Awakens before announcing its choices also became the first to include the blockbuster on its year-end list of Best Films for 2015.

The American Film Institute – known to most as the org that broadcast Top 100 Movie list specials at the turn of the century – announced their 16th Annual AFI Awards, which includes Top 10 Lists for Movies and Television.

With no categories like Best Actor, Actress, Director, etc., the AFI is much less of an Oscar harbinger than other critics/awards groups are, but nevertheless could be a strong tell that, once people start seeing the latest Star Wars installment, The Force Awakens could be as well received by the Academy as it is the global public.

Notable omissions from the list? The Revenant, Joy, The Hateful Eight, Black Mass, and Steve Jobs. Although it should be noted that, in recent years, films like The Grand Budapest Hotel and Dallas Buyers Club were also ignored by the AFI, and yet they went on to garner multiple Oscar nominations and wins.

Here are the AFI choices for the 10 Best Movies of 2015 (listed in alphabetical order):

AFI Movies of the Year
The Big Short
Bridge of Spies
Inside Out
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Martian
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Straight Outta Compton

(To see their list of the Ten Best Shows on Television, click here.)

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